It's possible to enter by experience diving in the Blue Cave. Have not you dived? No problem. First you practice. Please don't worry.  The lesson is easy. You'll be familiar immediately. It's an experienced instructor to guide you. You should be able to taste an impression different from snorkeling. If you enjoy the Sea in Okinawa, how about trying diving?

Experience Diving

Experience diving is the course for beginners. No need a license of scuba diving. The participation possible age is from 12 years old. If You're going to otolaryngologist regularly, please consult us.

What kind of Lesson ?

First you take lessons on the boat.

Attachment of Mask

Control method of a mask strap
The part where You have a diving mask
Confirmation of the fitting

Discharge of Seawater

During diving, water enters your mask.  You practice to discharge the water.   Your snort is used, it's explained easily.

Pressure Balance

You receive the water pressure in the sea.  Uneasiness would be felt in your ear by that.  You learn the way to cancel that.

Attachment of Fins

How to put it on leg fins and control method of a fin strap is learned.

How to Swim

You learn how to use the fins,  You'll have the dream which swims in the Blue Grotto freely.

Breathing Method

The practice of breathing method is very important.  You do the training of breathing to use a regulator.

Next when you arrive in front of the cave hole, enter the sea and review.  Let's confirm whether or not it is possible to breathe skillfully again.  Then, you are a departure to the blue world.

Boat Tour

All experience diving is the tour which takes a boat.  You are easy because it isn't necessary to have a heavy tank and equipment.  It is possible to go at short time to the BlueCave and to enter there than the tour which goes from beach more percentage entry.  The reason for that is we use a bigger ship than the other shop.  Our ship with 40 pieces of the capacity promises a comfortable passage.