Do you know that there is also a Blue Cave in Okinawa? While the limestone cave is seaward, and diving and snorkeling, it's put in. The water in the cave beams in blue, and many tropical fish are being also swum. If it's area of sea with a flow, but it's by a boat tour, we of a crackerjack guide show the way. Interest would spring? If You come to Okinawa, make a contact!


You can participate in the okinawa blue cave sightseeing by scuba diving or snorkeling. Which would you like? Snorkeling tour is available from 3 years old. Experience diving course is available from 12 years old. You need booking for the boat tour. Please contact us by mail-form or telephone. An operator is English correspondence.

Where should I go?

Meeting place is our shop.
Not Cape Maeda.

Blue Cave Tour Schedule

  • #1 Start at 08:15
  • #2 Start at 10:15
  • #3 Start at 12:45
  • #4 Start at 14:45
  • #5 Start at 16:30

Departing #5 is limited tour from spring to late autumn. Confirmation is needed.It takes about two hour course each.  Please come 15 minutes before a start.

Boat Tour Courses and Charges

The course charges includes the equipment, insurance, shower, drinks and boat fees.Please bring your a swim wear, a towel and sandals. (When you don't have those, rental service available.) Tax not included.

Blue cave Snorkeling

5,000 yen (Start at 16:30 is 5,500 yen)
Even a stone in the water is OK.

Blue cave Experience diving

8,500 yen (Start at 16:30 is 9,000 yen)
No need licence of diving.