Cape Maeda

Cape Maeda
Cape Maeda

The Cape Maeda is close to the Blue Cave which is popular with the excursionist at Okinawa.
The cape is situated in 6 kilometers east of the Cape Zanpa which is famous at the beautiful white lighthouse.
There are many persons who come to diving and the snorkeling at any time of the year around.
There is a management office and entry limitation is done by the sea conditions.
The place which the beautiful sunset can be seen in conjunction with the Cape Manza.

Place of Cape Maeda

The place of the popular cape is Onna-village of Kunigami District in the main island northern part of Okinawa.
Maeda area is a part of Onna-village.

Address of Cape Maeda

469 Maeda, Onna-village, Kunigami, Okinawa, JAPAN
沖縄県 国頭郡 恩納村 真栄田 469

Longitude and Latitude

Latitude: 26.445062
Longitude: 127.771425


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